Valérie Inertie

Cyr Wheel Artist,
Aerialist & Circus

Blending of art
and physical
performance is
my passion

Valérie Inertie


Valérie Inertie is a world renowned, award winning Cyr-wheel and Aerial artist, who showcases her act for Galas, international events and major circuses all around the world.

Her mastery of the wheel is unlike any other. Valerie’s perfect control of movement defies the law of physics, and dissolves all sense of gravity. The hypnotizing wheel rotation transports us into a poetic universe where elegance and strength are part of the same dance.

Valerie’s Aerial performance is a sublime combination of raw power and beauty in motion. Her act displays stunning skill, graceful choreography and elegant composition that brings classic aesthetic to any event.

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Individuals who wish to perfect the art of Cyr Wheel need to discover the limits of imbalance and be able to effortlessly connect one technical movement to another. The mastery of this artform derives from the ability to anticipate every motion of the wheel.

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Parallel to her artistic career, Valerie has taught gymnastics, fitness and circus arts. Her previous training as a gymnast, professional training at the Québec Circus school and her dance experience contributed to the development of her teaching approach. The combination of acrobatic, dance and object manipulation techniques define Valerie’s teaching.

Workshop descriptions

For advanced Cyr-wheel artists

Valerie’s workshops are designed for those who want to upgrade their Cyr Wheel control or are looking to improve the artistic aspect of their act. During the workshops, Valérie teaches gradual exercises designed to improve body awareness and spatial orientation as well as master weight transfers during transitions. She works on isolating different parts of the body, breaking down and expanding movements in addition to controlling and linking elements efficiently. Her approach aims to broaden the technical vocabulary of the participants and to free the body of the physical effort, thus fostering freedom of artistic expression.

For the fit and curious!?

These workshops are designed for anyone with excellent body awareness such as dancers, athletes or physical artists who want to discover the Cyr Wheel movement. During the workshops, Valérie explores the Cyr Wheel possibilities of artistic expression and proposes movement research avenues based on the use of the apparatus as a dance partner. The workshops are individually tailored to the experience and field of the expertise of the participant.

For private classes

Valerie also offers private Cyr-wheel classes for all levels.

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In conjunction with Daniel Cyr, my father Richard Bilodeau of Ateliers RB has been building Cyr Wheels since 2006. The exchange of knowledge between the two inventors considerably improved the fabrication of the device. The finalization of the Cyr Wheel by Ateliers RB has also been in step with my own professional development. With its durable finish and wide range of colors, it is ideal for stage purposes. Built in five segments, it is quick and easy to assemble and its weight makes it perfectly suitable for air transport. Valérie Inertie.

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Aluminum tubes, treated against corrosion, with an outside diameter of 1.25 in. (3.175cm). Stainless steel screws. Treated steel couplings. Non-toxic, flexible and clear PVC coating.

Size and weight

The wheel weighs approximately 12kg and is suited for quick transitions between tricks. The weight can be increased if required. The inside diameter of the wheel depends on the practitioner’s height: some 2 to 4 inches (5 to 10 cm) depending on preferences.

Finish and colors

Ateliers RB offers a range of magnificent colors and durable finishes. Thanks to the electrochemical treatment, the darkening of the couplings is limited and the metallic quality of the aluminum is maintained.

Maintenance and coating

Ateliers RB’s Cyr Wheels are designed to spin on floors that are clean, hard and smooth. To maintain your wheel in top condition and keep the PVC coating’s brilliance, we recommend that you clean your wheel regularly with a damp or alcohol-moistened cloth. We also recommend that you follow the suggested assembly instructions and store your wheel in a dry location to prevent couplings from darkening. In addition Ateliers RB can recondition your Cyr Wheel, replace the PVC coating, which can be needed after a few years of use.

Protection and adherence

Polyurethane Protective Tape (PPT) is an adhesive tape that is applied on the outside of the wheel to help prevent premature ageing of the PVC coating. PPT tape is a transparent and provides a protective film that is highly resistant and increases adherence to the floor. It can be installed and removed easily and can last between 6 and 12 months depending on use. Ateliers RB can apply the PPT tape upon request or send you an entire roll, which is sufficient for 4 or 5 applications.


Driven by the enthusiasm to create and to inspire, Valérie involves herself into innovative projects that have her working with artists from various fields. All these creative projects allow her to develop her art in a dimension other than the world of circus arts and show-business.

Valerie is considering all artistic collaboration requests that involve the human body language and the blending of various art forms.